Chapter 620: A Storm Brews Again Over Mt. Rippling Mirage

Chapter 620: A Storm Brews Again Over Mt. Rippling Mirage

Cao Jin wasn’t surprised when he saw that the two lacked fighting spirit. Instead, he chuckled softly and tossed out another piece of important news. “Even if the two of you didn’t gain anything from Mt. Rippling Mirage, there’s one more thing that we can be absolutely certain about.”


Cao Jin smiled triumphantly, “There is another person in Mt. Rippling Mirage who possesses five stalks of sky rank herbs, more than a hundred earth rank herbs and even a few thousand stalks of Sage Fledgling Grass.”

When Zhu Changsheng had initially revealed the secret of the ancient herb garden, he’d emphasized Jiang Chen, especially how the disciple had extorted half of each sect’s spirit herbs by taking advantage of the Miasma antidote. In addition, the way Elder Tan Lang had exaggerated Jiang Chen’s feats had left a very deep impression on Cao Jin. What was more, Zhu Changsheng had reminded him that Jiang Chen had been the one who had beheaded the owner of the azure phoenix constitution, Long Juxue. That had caused the third ranked of the ten great disciples, Yong Xingyun, to lose his cultivation furnace and had affected him to the point where he still had not progressed in his Dragon Phoenix Sword. Moreover, the second rate genius...

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