Chapter 619: An Unrepentant Cao Jin

Chapter 619: An Unrepentant Cao Jin

The fatty was cautious by nature because this was his way of survival. Thus, even though Cao Jin had said thus, the fatty still didn’t express anything and had his trademark superficial clinging to his face, appearing completely harmless to the world. Cao Jin knew that Wu Heng was the sort who wouldn’t make a move unless it was one that was completely assured, just like a hunter wouldn’t loose a falcon until he spotted the hare. Cao Jin smiled faintly and said nothing more, making an earth rank spirit herb appear in his hand with a flip.

“Fatty Wu, I’ve never liked to waste words. I want to go to someplace, but I need to borrow your skills in formations. This is the deposit, take it.” Cao Jin threw the earth rank spirit herb down at the fatty’s feet.

Fatty Wu chuckled but didn’t reach out to take it. He flicked a glance at the herb at his feet, finally picking it up after careful consideration and elimination of danger. A slight smile appeared on his face as a sliver of greed flashed through his almost imperceptible eyes. Although he was quite shocked at how generous Cao Jin had been, he didn't display it outwardly.

The fatty smiled mischievously as he tossed the earth...

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