Chapter 617: Ninth Level Origin Realm

Chapter 617: Ninth Level Origin Realm

“Envoy Weizi, as of today, our Tristar Sect no longer exists, our territory is divided and our resources raided. It can be said that we possess nothing. Just… just when will this set up of yours be complete?” Zhu Changsheng grumbled like a nagging wife. He’d recently been living a rat’s life, hiding hither and thither everyday. It was really difficult for him to continue remaining calm.

Weizi Kua smiled faintly, “It should be finished soon. How long until the Myriad Grand Ceremony?”

“Myriad Grand Ceremony? There should be about nine months left. Could it be, the Sky Sect’s plans are… are to suppress the five great sects during the Myriad Grand Ceremony?” Zhu Changsheng’s face was filled with doubt.

Weizi Kua shook his head casually. “It would be too boring if the plan was that simple. Sigh, the Ninesuns Sky Sect had originally raised your Tristar Sect with plans of obtaining insider cooperation from you. Who’d have thought… that our plans would lag behind present circumstances. But that’s fine. When the time comes, you’ll still be able to stand out and represent the Myriad Domain. Division Master Zhu, relax, your sacrifice has been noted by the Sky Sect. When the time comes, your reward will definitely be...

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