Chapter 614: The Mystery of the Myriad Domain

Chapter 614: The Mystery of the Myriad Domain

Spatial turbulence would often appear in spatial rips. Ordinary turbulence was easy to deal with, but it was difficult to handle when they formed into storms. This formation had actually formed a storm in the void through a spatial rip. How would this not possibly surprise Jiang Chen?

“This sect was an ancient sect alright! There are so many changes in just a formation. This is absolutely much superior to any sect in the Myriad Domain. Even those first rank sects might not be a match for this sect.” As shocked as Jiang Chen was, he knew that he couldn’t be churned into the spatial storm. He guessed that he wouldn’t actually be faced with life threatening danger if he was embroiled into the storm. He might just be thrown out of the formation. However, since he’d entered to break the formation, he wouldn’t let himself be stopped halfway!

He called upon the magnetic golden mountain continuously and also increasingly strengthened his body. The golden body that had been nine meters tall previously increased to thirty meters before long. Jiang Chen made a pushing motion...

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