Chapter 612: The Ancient Slaughter Formation

Chapter 612: The Ancient Slaughter Formation

Although Elder Lian Cheng and Elder Hu had suffered relatively severe injuries, they weren’t life-threatening. However, Dan Chi and Yun Nie’s mood remained extremely downcast. This was because the secret of the ancient herb garden had been exposed, which was definitely not good for the various sects of the Myriad Domain. Not only because everyone had received sky sage herbs but because of the existence of the garden itself. Once more powerful forces noticed the ancient herb garden, who knew how experts would flock over and join the turmoil that was the Myriad Domain. At that time, how much of a right to speak would the indigenous sects of the Myriad Domain hold then?

“Palace Head, judging from this, someone has betrayed our Myriad Domain,” Elder Yun Nie sighed.

Palace Head Dan Chi’s expression was grave. “I have already sent out several messages. Besides Wang Jianyu of the Sacred Sword Palace, the other sect heads will soon receive my message.”

The Regal Pill Palace had been attacked for the sky rank herbs, and the secret of the ancient herb garden was revealed! When the various other sects learned of this, they were all indescribably shocked.

These people were all old foxes so how could they not be able to predict...

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