Chapter 611: Fleeing For His Life

Chapter 611: Fleeing For His Life

Ever since the cloaked person had appeared, Cao Jin had completely fallen under their control like a puppet on strings, without even the slightest power to resist. When his body finally stabilized, his long hair had been completely sheared off from its roots. A cold breeze brushed against the back of his scalp, endless hatred and shame welling up within him. Only, no matter how fiery his rage was, how violent his humiliation, he had no one to vent it on. 

He knew that if he turned back again, the only thing waiting for him would be death. That mysterious cloaked man could kill him as easily as lifting a finger! It was laughable that Cao Jin had previously threatened to take his opponent down with him. In the sphere of his opponent’s control, he was like a sheep sent to the slaughterhouse. That person could slice off his head just as easily as he sliced off his hair. In that moment, Cao Jin was both ashamed and angry. But he could only flee for his life like a stray dog. This mysterious cloaked man was like a sudden nightmare who had not only foiled all his plans, but also completely shattered his misplaced sense of self-importance.

He’d originally had thought that as a peak sage realm cultivator, he could do as he wanted,...

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