Chapter 609: Mysterious Cloaked Person

Chapter 609: Mysterious Cloaked Person

Cao Jin glanced at Elder Hu to his side and quirked his lips. He brandished his sleeves carelessly. “Scram!”

The angle from the flourish actually formed a terrifying whirlpool of inner energy that struck through the air like a nebula descending from the heavens. It was only when this momentum was crashing towards him that Elder Hu learnt how terrifying this blue browed youth was. He grit his teeth and punched out with his fists, simultaneously crushing two defensive talismans.


Two shields blossomed around him, but the enormous power crashed into them like dragons ripping through the void, tearing them apart.

“No!” A trace of terrified surprise flashed through Elder Hu’s eyes as he tried to retreat. But the power from the sleeve seemed to follow him like his shadow. It raced closely after Elder Hu before hurtling into his chest. He opened his mouth and spewed a great gout of blood before he dropped like a kite with cut strings.

One move, again!

Even the reclusive Elder Hu, whose strength was on par with Elder Lian Cheng, had been sent flying with one move from this young man! Everyone, including Dan Chi, sucked in...

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