Chapter 607: Attack on the Regal Pill Palace

Chapter 607: Attack on the Regal Pill Palace

Wei Zikua was an inspector whose responsibility was to lay the groundwork for the Myriad Domain plan. On the other hand, Cao Jin didn’t care about such matters. As a genius disciple, the only thing he looked to was profit, so he wasn’t in the least interested in the Myriad Domain’s overall situation. What he was interested in were the earth and sky rank herbs. How could Cao Jin not be moved when he heard that Jiang Chen had received a hundred earth rank herbs? Not to mention the extra seven sky rank herbs he held!

Both Zhu Changsheng and Elder Tan Lang had played a little trick by deliberately omitting the fact that the sky rank herbs might be with Jiang Chen instead of the Regal Pill Palace. All they wanted was to instigate matters and see misfortune fall upon the Regal Pill Palace.

Zhu Changsheng laughed. “Truthfully, if you attack the Regal Pill Palace, the other sects might not help them aside from the Darknorth Sect. At the very least, it’s guaranteed that the Sacred Sword Palace will stand by and gloat. The Walkabout Sect also prefers not entering the fray until others have exhausted themselves. The Great Cathedral’s response might be a bit more ambiguous,...

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