Chapter 606: The Ten Great Disciples, Sky Sect Geniuses

Chapter 606: The Ten Great Disciples, Sky Sect Geniuses

When he saw that both Sect Head Zhu and Elder Tan Lang hesitated to speak, the inspector harrumphed coldly. “As matters stand, what else are you unable to speak openly about? Stalling amongst yourself like this, it seems you still have something to hide?”

Sect Head Zhu smiled wryly and replied. “There are certainly things we wish to keep hidden. Only, Elder Tan Lang’s previous heavenly oath holds the fortunes of the sect at stake, so we cannot reveal anything. Yet this matter is of utmost concern, so Elder Tan Lang and I are also finding it difficult to explain our troubles.”

The eleventh rank inspector furrowed his brows. “The fortunes of your sect?”“That’s right. If we reveal anything, our Tristar Sect will be subject to heavenly judgment.” Elder Sect Zhu’s face revealed his unease. The descent of heavenly judgment was a petrifying thought.

The members of the Ninesuns Sky Sect were naturally well aware of this fact. The eleventh rank inspector fell into a contemplative silence. However, after a moment of thought he relaxed his brows and chuckled icily. “Sect Head Zhu, you are certain that this matter is very important?”

“It is truly very important.” Sect Head Zhu nodded.

“Fine. Since that is...

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