Chapter 604: Thundercloud Cicada Wings, Magnetic Golden Mountain

Chapter 604: Thundercloud Cicada Wings, Magnetic Golden Mountain

Since Jiang Chen had received a Minor Artifice Formation’s formation disk, this meant that he’d also received a Minor Artifice Formation. This was nothing less than an incredible profit. Armed with this formation disk, even someone utterly hopeless at formation techniques would be able to activate the formation to confront any enemies as long as he had enough spirit stones at his disposal. Thus, Jiang Chen was naturally aware of the disk’s benefits.

Creating a formation disk was a very complicated process. The difficulty of distilling such an enormous formation into such a tiny disk could well surpass the difficulty of setting up the formation in the first place. Moreover, the materials required to put together such a formation disk were uncommon, and not every formation could be condensed into a disk form.

However, if a disk containing a particular formation could be manufactured, it instantly became a more effective tool in battle. Leaving aside other considerations, the advantage of an instant deployment left its user with a significant edge over their opponents. Although techniques that could hasten the activation and deployment of formations existed, they could never surpass the direct speed of a disk.

In his previous life, Jiang Chen had extensively studied formation...

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