Chapter 603: Sky Origin Realm, Breaking Through the First Formation

Chapter 603: Sky Origin Realm, Breaking Through the First Formation

Thanks to the experience Jiang Chen had accumulated over two lifetimes, he possessed great wisdom and determination. After he suitably assessed the situation, he knew he had no other choice and decided to stop thinking so much and focus on cultivating instead.

To be honest, various ties and concerns in the Regal Pill Palace had prevented Jiang Chen from sitting down and concentrating for long periods of cultivation, so this was actually an opportunity for him. Thus, Jiang Chen began his attempt on sixth level origin realm after swallowing some Origin Fostering Pills.

Originally, he’d been at the peak of the fifth level origin realm, so it was only a matter of time before he made it to the sixth level. Jiang Chen smoothly broke through after roughly half a month. Even afterwards, he was in no hurry and took his time in fortifying his new realm.

When he had solidified his grasp on sixth level origin realm, he then took out another pill flask.There were three Origin Doubling Pills within it. When Jiang Chen had gifted the Longevity Pill to the Regal Pill Palace, Palace Head Dan Chi had given Jiang Chen a storage ring, and Elder Yun Nie had presented Jiang...

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