Chapter 602: Jiang Chen Trapped!

Chapter 602: Jiang Chen Trapped!

Jiang Chen knew that everything the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect had organized had been meticulously arranged. Starting from the formation on the outskirts of Mt. Rippling Mirage, all the layers of the various formations had been carefully interlocked with each other. There were almost no flaws. If there had been the slightest break in the middle, he never would’ve made it here. It had indeed been the combined effect of many factors that he’d been able to reach here.

“Spirit power emanates from beneath the sculptures at Ancestor Cliff, but you didn’t disturb them. This goes to show you aren’t an avaricious man. Had you been tempted by the waves of spirit power and disregarded the sanctity of the Ancestor Cliff to disturb the statutes in search of treasure… you would have been killed by either the restrictions on the cliff, or plunged into a land of sure death by the Nine Palaces Formations.”

The situation only dawned on Jiang Chen when he heard this. He’d had his suspicions before, but only realized now how sensible his decision not to shift the sculptures had been. If it’d been anyone else, it would indeed have been difficult to triumph over their greed after sensing that dense spirit power. It was because of his lack of desire...

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