Chapter 601: The Mysterious Ruins

Chapter 601: The Mysterious Ruins

Apart from the high-spirited and defiant words on the stone wall, names had also been carved into the stone wall as well. It was clear that these were the signatures left behind by the disciples of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect.

The calligraphy was elegant and bursting with energy, with the spirit of flying dragons and dancing phoenixes. Not a hint of the despondency and plaintive self pity of one about to die was present. Every single signature displayed the comprehension of one who’d transcended life and death. 

One’s words were a marker of one’s person. Even though thousands of years had passed, Jiang Chen could still see the lofty sentiments of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect disciples. Even though they had charged into the frontlines to confront their implacable enemies, even though they were fully aware of their impending demise, they still held fast to their open-minded optimism and had found an understanding that transcended the cycle of life and death. 

“Just what had happened in the ancient past? Such a powerful sect actually had to send all its members to the battlefield, and they all died in battle?” Jiang Chen’s mind was filled with questions. He also sensed something strange about the origins of that powerful enemy. However, there were no clues to that end in the carvings on the face of the stone clif...

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