Chapter 599: The Formation Closes

Chapter 599: The Formation Closes

By the time two hours had passed, the fifth rank sects had all emerged, followed closely by the Tristar Sect. However, even within that group, Ding Tong was nowhere to be found. Sect Head Zhu’s expression grew colder with each step he took, “Elder Tan Lang, where’s Ding Tong?”

Elder Tan Lang seemed to have anticipated his sect head’s question, but had a baffled expression on his face. “It’s odd. I tried to get in contact with him as soon as we entered Mt. Rippling Mirage, but never received a response. It’s as if he hadn’t entered the mountain at all.

Sect Head Zhu’s expression was stricken as all thoughts of being lucky withered and vanished. Judging from the situation, Ding Tong must have perished not long after he’d entered.

How would any of them understand how prideful Ding Tong had been; how sure of himself he had been to immediately go after Jiang Chen, only to be promptly killed? As for Elder Tan Lang attempting to contact Ding Tong, he had indeed received the elder’s missives, but he was far too arrogant to listen to Elder Tan Lang. He just couldn’t be bothered to respond, and had set about planning Jiang Chen’s death by himself. Therefore, his...

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