Chapter 598: Sudden Changes in the Altar

Chapter 598: Sudden Changes in the Altar

Although Elder Chen was an earth sage cultivator, he had no way to defend against the strength  of Long Xiaoxuan’s dragon aura. The immense dragon aura had transformed into an ultimate overbearing strength that covered the heavens and earth, crushing down on Elder Chen so hard that he couldn’t move even a finger.

Long Xiaoxuan opened his maw and swallowed Elder Chen as if swallowing a date whole. Six exotic butterflies frantically flew out in the instant that he was swallowed, but all were diced into nothingness under the dragon aura. Long Xiaoxuan returned to a mustard seed of light to Jiang Chen’s side. The dragon had used the Dragon Domain to seal off the area as he killed Elder Chen, then swallowed everything whole. There was no need to clean up the scene.

Elder Chen’s storage ring naturally landed in Jiang Chen’s hands. He only swept a perfunctory gaze over it, not having enough time to look closely at it. “Brother Long, I’ll have to borrow your arts this time to take me across the lake.”

Long Xiaoxuan didn’t waste any time and...

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