Chapter 597: Elder Chen’s Doomsday

Chapter 597: Elder Chen’s Doomsday

The Goldbiter Rats he had left as sentries quickly transmitted some intelligence that surprised Jiang Chen. “It seems that I’ve previously underestimated this Sacred Sword Palace. I hadn’t thought that Elder Chen would be this shrewd and calculating. He's actually used some scheme to lure the Great Cathedral away while he comes after me himself?”

He had to admit, he had underestimated the Sacred Sword Palace’s abilities. He’d always felt that the Sacred Sword Palace was all brawn and no brains, with their eyes on the top of their heads. Now, as he looked at Elder Chen, Jiang Chen realized that he had been too naive. None of the elders were the kindly sort. Elder Xiang Gan of the Great Cathedral and Elder Tan Lang of the Tristar Sect had both been planning on effortlessly reaping the spoils of a contest fought by others. They wanted to be the unknown oriole behind the mantis stalking the cicada. Rather, it was rather the Walkabout Sect who'd learned their lesson, since Elder Wu Hen had left first with his sect.

Jiang Chen was somewhat surprised by this. He’d thought that the Sacred Sword Palace and Walkabout...

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