Chapter 596: Each With Their Own Plots

Chapter 596: Each With Their Own Plots

It was not long after the Walkabout Sect had left that Elder Wu Qi came up to Elder Wu Hen and said, “Daoist Wu Hen, as I see it, the Great Cathedral and the Tristar Sect aren’t going to just let things go. Although they are bound by their heavenly oaths, they are keeping their eye on the Sacred Sword Palace. If that sect succeeds in their revenge, then they will still have a chance to strike. How about our Walkabout Sect also…”

If this was Elder Wu Hen from a few days ago, this kind of reminder like this wasn’t even necessary as he would have already considered different angles and calculated the best strategy. But now, he had no such inclination or interest, so he just lightly smiled, “Wu Qi, have you noticed? Despite the fact that we’ve all been focused on this child for the past few days, none of us were able to do anything to him? This time around, he even managed to fool everyone by being a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

“So what? He was just lucky.”

“Lucky?” Elder Wu Hen smiled nonchalantly, “In the world of the strong, you can be lucky once, but definitely not twice or thrice. I can guarantee that the Sacred Sword Palace will definitely be...

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