Chapter 595: A Solo Operation

Chapter 595: A Solo Operation

Since Jiang Chen had suddenly received roughly a hundred earth rank spirit herbs, he naturally did not care about twenty or so from the Dark North Sect. Not only would he be making a magnanimous gesture in returning their spirit herbs, he would also strengthen their loyalty to the Regal Pill Palace. If the Regal Pill Palace really needed to request a favor from the Dark North Sect in the future, the latter wouldn't be able to idly sit by on account of the favor he’d granted them in saving their lives. So it was without a doubt that Jiang Chen’s actions had not only won Dark North Sect’s friendship, it had also solidified the close relationship between the two sects.

Indeed, the head elder from the Dark North Sect sighed. “Daoist Yun Nie, the Regal Pill Palace will surely enjoy great fortune in the future due to Jiang Chen.” He raised his hands in a cupped fist salute towards Jiang Chen. “Sage nephew Jiang Chen, our Dark North Sect will remember this debt of gratitude. Please let us know if we can help you in the future.”

The others of the Dark North Sect also raised their hands in cupped fist salutes towards Jiang Chen. After exchanging a round of pleasantries, the Dark North Sect...

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