Chapter 594: Returning with Arms Full of Loot

Chapter 594: Returning with Arms Full of Loot

After all, they were all part of the Myriad Domain’s six great sects so the other sects weren’t willing to just watch the Sacred Sword Palace perish here.

Elder Xiang Gan spoke up, “Sage nephew Jiang Chen, the grudge between the Sacred Sword Palace and the Regal Pill Palace…”

Jiang Chen cut him off before he finished his sentence, “Elder Xiang Gan, no one should try and be the peacemaker here. What did I say when Wang Han was swaggering in front of me previously after receiving his earth rank herbs?”

Everyone stared at one another, not knowing what Jiang Chen meant. Only Wang Han stared at the ground in embarrassment, dearly wishing for a stone to hide under. When he had originally been showing off in front of Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen had said there would come a time when Wang Han would beg Jiang Chen to take his earth rank herbs. How could he not remember this clearly?

Meanwhile, off on the side, Mu Gaoqi’s blood was frothing with excitement. Jiang Chen was still able to speak to these heavyweights with such ease, and even toy with them as he pleased. What could be considered the true demeanor of a genius? This was a true genius! By this point, Mu Gaoqi was willing to prostrate himself before Jiang Chen in admiration.

Mu Gaoqi quickly followed...

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