Chapter 593: An Exorbitant Price for the Antidote

Chapter 593: An Exorbitant Price for the Antidote

Pressure built in everyone’s hearts as even sage realm cultivators were hard pressed to remain unmoving in the face of impending death. Those of the Sacred Sword Palace were even more desperate. They were well aware that they had long since formed a death grudge with the Regal Pill Palace, and they had previously mortally offended Jiang Chen. Even if Jiang Chen was willing to hand out the antidote, he likely wouldn’t sell it to the Sacred Sword Palace even at a high price.

A crazed look flashed through Elder Chen’s eyes. “Everyone! This Jiang Chen has ulterior motives! He has resolved himself to torture us to death and then conveniently pick up our treasures! When it comes down to it, we have nothing to lose! Even if we all go down together, that’s still better than his Regal Pill Palace profiting from everything! We’re dead either way! Are you all willing to let the Regal Pill Palace watch us die and then rob us of our items?!”

Nothing to lose!

This was the only way out in the face of no alternatives. Elder Wu Hen of the Walkabout Sect stared at Elder Yun Nie. “Daoist Yun Nie, does your Regal Pill Palace truly want...

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