Chapter 592: Profiteering

Chapter 592: Profiteering

The most critical thing was, how dare they continue to slander Jiang Chen and add to his anger? If they enraged him, what if he really possessed the antidote and refused to give it to them? Wouldn’t they all perish here? After all, the heavyweights here were all smart people, and they were very clear on how tyrannical the Miasma in their minds was. Although the poison was currently dormant, its effects would explode once it invaded their consciousness. Upon its activation, those afflicted could only sit back and await death. Seeing Jiang Chen’s calm and leisurely look, everyone felt even more uneasy. Those elders who had previously spoken out to discipline Jiang Chen felt especially regretful.

“Jiang Chen, you sure are ruthless. You didn’t even mention such a significant matter. But, are you callous to the extent that you don’t even care about your own sect?” Zhu Feiyang couldn’t help but say.

Jiang Chen smiled indifferently, “Don’t you worry about my sect.”

He then turned to Elder Yun Nie to say, “Elder Yun Nie, due to some previous circumstances, I couldn’t notify you properly.” He flicked his fingers a few times. Seven antidote pills shot outwards into the hands of his fellow sect members.


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