Chapter 591: Jiang Chen In Control of Everything

Chapter 591: Jiang Chen In Control of Everything

The group burst into raucous laughter after Elder Chen’s question. It was apparent that they all had similar thoughts, but they didn’t hold a grudge with the Regal Pill Palace. The sect usually conducted themselves well, so although they’d felt the same, they hadn’t voiced their thoughts. However, Elder Wu Hen had an odd smirk on his face. He was happy to watch a good show, and he also wanted to see what Jiang Chen was up to.

Elder Tan Lang snorted dismissively, “Yun Nie, your Regal Pill Palace really needs to teach your younger generation proper manners!”

“Indeed, if something’s wrong with his mind, we should take care of it early! If he goes out and blabs nonsense, he might reveal the entire secret of the ancient herb garden!” Elder Wu Hui spoke up as well.

It was apparent that no one cared about Jiang Chen’s status as the champion of the genius group in the Pill Battles. Or, it could even be that the others had the motivation to suppress Jiang Chen precisely because of his status.

Elder Xiang Gan only smiled coldly, not saying a word. It was clear that he...

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