Chapter 587: Deliberate Suppression

Chapter 587: Deliberate Suppression

Only Elder Wu Hen, who was keeping an eye on Jiang Chen, would glance at the herbs occasionally; the other elders didn’t spare them even a glance. The spirit herbs growing here were unable to satisfy the appetite of these elder level old monsters. Sky rank herbs were what they sought, and they even disdained to act if it didn’t at least involve earth rank herbs.

The young geniuses only required four hours to pluck the fields in their immediate surroundings bare. These fellows were very satisfied with their bountiful harvests, faces of joy all around. Mu Gaoqi, by virtue of his innate wood constitution, had also hit a big score. “Senior brother Chen, how was your harvest?” Mu Gaoqi asked curiously.

Jiang Chen shook his head and smiled mysteriously, not saying a word. He hadn’t fought for the herbs at all, and the ones he did take could not be considered valuable. But Jiang Chen was confident that in a few days’ time, these herbs could spike in value, giving him unimaginable wealth. After all the herbs were divided, the group set...

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