Chapter 586: Fighting Uproariously Over Spirit Herbs

Chapter 586: Fighting Uproariously Over Spirit Herbs

The island in the center of the lake was certainly the heart of the ancient herb garden. Of that Jiang Chen had no doubt. However, although it was close at hand, he had the feeling that it wasn’t as easy to reach as it appeared. He also felt something slightly disconcerting about the atmosphere around the large lake. At first glance, the lake surface looked calm and serene, but Jiang Chen’s experiences from his past life warned him. To him, it felt like the peaceful lake surface hid a terrifying power lurking just within the waters.

Even as the hazy mist slowly dissipated from the air above the lake, Jiang Chen felt his suspicions grow. The radiant light that spilled over from the island seemed too unreal to be believable. As he pondered, Elder Xiang Gan suddenly called out, “Everyone, my Great Cathedral will take the first step!”

He shot into the air, leading the way as he headed towards the island. Xiang Qin and Yue Baize were a step behind him, streaking through the air in a blaze a light. The other three elders of the Great Cathedral also followed...

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