Chapter 585: Rules of Division

Chapter 585: Rules of Division

The entire scene had fallen silent. There was no one who couldn’t feel how much hatred was imbued within those two slaps that hit Wang Han’s face. And the person responsible for this? A fifth level origin realm cultivator from the Regal Pill Palace!

Elder Chen’s face was also ashen. Although it was Wang Han who’d slapped himself, Elder Chen had also suffered an extreme loss of face. After all, Wang Han hadn’t just slapped himself, but had dealt a blow to the Sacred Sword Palace’s entire reputation as well.

“Jiang Chen, I, Wang Han, swear I’ll kill you one day!”

Jiang Chen couldn’t be bothered with such threats. Would Wang Han have coexisted peacefully with him, even if the events of today hadn’t come to pass? Wang Han had attacked without a word when they’d found the Sage Fledging Grass.

“You should be thankful that I didn’t make you eat shit.” Jiang Chen responded with an indifferent smile, dismissing Wang Han’s pointless provocation.  

Elder Chen also glared darkly at Elder Yun Nie. “Our Sacred Sword Palace will remember this!”

Elder Yun Nie scoffed. “Sure, go ahead and record it. Who are you trying to scare?”

The relationship between the Regal Pill Palace and the Sacred Sword Palace was already antipathic...

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