Chapter 584

Wang Han Slaps His Own Face

Elder Wu Hen’s face darkened. He said frostily, “Jiang Chen, you treat my Walkabout Sect differently. Do you feel guilty? The more you do, the more I actually suspect you.”

The sly fox had kept his mouth shut so far as he sized up the situation. Possible ways of taking care of Jiang Chen even ran through his mind. If he left a lethal poison on Jiang Chen’s body, he wouldn’t have to worry about him not handing over the sky rank spirit herb. As valuable as it was, it wasn’t worth dying for.

Although his plans were well thought out, it was a pity Jiang Chen had ruined them with a few simple words. If he couldn’t freely search Jiang Chen, it would be difficult to do anything to the boy. Elder Yun Nie and Xiang Gan both had sharp eyes, it would be incredibly difficult to surreptitiously poison Jiang Chen under their supervision.

Jiang Chen remained cool and collected. “What the hell do your suspicions have to do with me? This farce wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for many here suspecting me. What makes you so special that I have to accede to your wishes?”

Elder Xiang...

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