Chapter 583: Asking For A Face Slapping

Chapter 583: Asking For A Face Slapping

The bystanders from the other sects were struck speechless. They never would’ve dreamed that a mere fifth level origin realm disciple of the Regal Pill Palace would possess enough of a temper to actually tell a venerated elder of the Sacred Sword Palace to eat shit! Elder Chen Shizhen was ranked in the top three in the Sacred Sword Palace, and was a top existence of the Myriad Domain. Now, a junior had told him to eat shit?! The spectators couldn’t help but admire Jiang Chen’s courage.

Chen Shizhen was livid, but the next moment, he burst into heavy laughter as killing intent flooded his eyes. “Good, very good! I’ve lived for a few hundred years, but it’s my first time meeting such an arrogant and unbridled junior! Elder Yun Nie, your Regal Pill Palace has such good manners, huh!”

Elder Yun Nie didn’t back down either. “Elder Chen, are you implying that your Sacred Sword Palace is allowed to oppress Jiang Chen, but he can’t try to defend himself? Even if my sect wasn’t a fourth rank sect, we still wouldn’t be under your jurisdiction, much less when all of us are on the same level. What right do you have to force my disciple to do something against his will again and again?! Last time, you wanted to test his bloodline, and this time, his storage ring. Next time, if you want his life, does he have to docilely...

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