Chapter 582: Being Framed

Chapter 582: Being Framed

Without a doubt, Wang Han’s words had a great effect on those cultivators fighting the wyverns. They quickly deployed various arts as if they were on stimulants, swiftly beating the wyverns black and blue.

It was apparent that those previous displays of intense fighting were all just an act. All of the elders had been idling on the job, and merely going through motions with no one exerting themselves. But after hearing Wang Han’s news, everyone all wanted to know the truth of the matter and so naturally stopped holding back, deploying their strongest moves.

With so many sage rank cultivators fully displaying their abilities, how could the two wyverns, equivalent to the human sage rank, be their match? Faced with the many vicious attacks, the wyverns soon fled with despondent shrieks echoing for miles.

These elders were completely disclined to give chase, and all dropped back to the ground like dumplings falling into a pot. Their attitudes fully exposed the fact that the thousands of Sage Fledging Grass had deeply stirred their interests. No one was willing to miss out despite not knowing whether things were true or false. Normally, even a few dozen of Grass would be considered a great...

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