Chapter 581: The Divine Island

Chapter 581: The Divine Island

Jiang Chen swept his eyes over the area and noticed that most of the participants had already gathered here. At rough count, there were fifty cultivators, including the seven of the Regal Pill Palace. It seemed that Vice Hallmaster Yue had entered with the third batch of candidates, and had met up with Elder Yun Nie.

Elder Yun Nie and three other elders had taken up strategic positions, covering the four cardinal directions in order to protect their young geniuses. They were genuinely worried that the two wyverns would change targets and start diving.

When he saw Jiang Chen, Elder Yun Nie called out to him. “Jiang Chen, come over here.”

Although Jiang Chen wasn't afraid of the two wyverns, he couldn’t appear too out of the ordinary at the moment. He picked up his speed and entered the defensive formation.

Mu Gaoqi ground his teeth. “Wang Han was up to no good when he lured those two monsters here!”

Jiang Chen just smiled. In truth, it was almost the opposite. If Wang Han hadn’t been smart enough to lure the two wyverns to this area, he would’ve been brutally hunted down by the two sooner or later.

Jiang Chen surveyed his surroundings. A large lake took its stately place at the bottom of the valley, and everyone...

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