Chapter 580: Meeting Wang Han Again

Chapter 580: Meeting Wang Han Again

The advanced Purple Ganoderma was a panacea for most poisons, and an utmost treasure at that. It was almost at the level of sky rank. Regardless, it wasn’t that useful for Jiang Chen, since he was impervious to most poisons

“Take it, Gaoqi. May it be a reminder of the lesson you learned today.” Jiang Chen handed the Ganoderma over to Mu Gaoqi before focusing back on Du Lihuang’s ring. There was a blade of Phoenixwing Grass, another exceedingly rare earth rank spirit herb used for treating injuries. If refined into a pill, it would be worth cities.

Apart from the Phoenixwing Grass and Purple Ganoderma, there were also a few books regarding sword methods and several swords. Jiang Chen wasn’t all that interested in these methods but the swords weren’t too bad. Next were several tens of thousands of upper rank origin spirit stones and some pill medicines. Jiang Chen didn’t spare the medicines a second glance, they were too ordinary. The Sacred Sword Palace was indeed more than a few steps behind when it came to pills. He turned his attention to Wei Qing’s...

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