Chapter 579: Jiang Chen, You Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing!

Chapter 579: Jiang Chen, You Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing!

Du Lihuang’s miraculous revival had been followed by Mu Gaoqi’s bizarre disappearance. If Wei Qing still couldn’t put two and two together and realize someone had it out for him, he would’ve truly lived his life in vain.

“Who, who is it?!” Even the always calm and collected Wei Qing began to panic in the face of such bizarre happenings. He stood in the middle of the clearing, exercising every last bit of consciousness as he swiveled his head to and fro in an attempt to find the culprit.


Whoosh whoosh!

Sounds broke through the air as several throwing daggers hurtled toward him with the strength to shatter stars. A grave killing intent permeated the woods, startling Wei Qing. He didn’t lose control and dodged the throwing daggers with quick footwork. Wei Qing focused his vision on where the throwing daggers came from, and shot several arrows in that direction.

About to stabilize his footing, Wei Qing felt as though his feet were imprisoned. He couldn’t move them in the slightest. Startled, he looked at his feet. Vines were already tightly wrapped around the lower half of his legs, and they seemed to be climbing up higher and higher.

It’s him! was all he could think of as an exceedingly humiliating...

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