Chapter 578: A Series of Bizarre Events

Chapter 578: A Series of Bizarre Events

Wei Qing was decisive and forthright as he killed Du Lihuang with a single stroke. He scattered some powder on Du Lihuang’s corpse. Sizzles and green smoke arose from it before long. The corpse melted at a speed visible to the eye, becoming a pool of thick, green water which seeped into the shrubbery. Not a single trace of the corpse was left, with only the noxious fumes indicating something transpired here. Wei Qing now held Du Lihuang’s storage ring in his hand and after inspecting its contents, a satisfied expression forming on his face to see the two earth rank spirit herbs were safely in the storage ring.

Wei Qing grinned. “Although Du Lihuang was a brainless idiot, he was lucky enough to get two earth rank spirit herbs. What a pity, idiots will always be idiots. He didn’t have the fortune to enjoy his luck, so I’ll have to trouble myself and enjoy it in his stead.”

Mu Gaoqi felt disgusted by Wei Qing’s shameless lack of face. He even kept his calm demeanor while killing his comrades like slaughtering chickens, ruthless and vicious. He was a lion wearing a smiling mask, a...

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