Chapter 577: His Only Crime Was His Wealth

Chapter 577: His Only Crime Was His Wealth

After Mu Gaoqi scurried into the thick growth, he slowed down to a walk as he felt his body become weaker and weaker. He knew he had most likely fallen victim to Wei Qing’s poison. With his innate wood constitution and his baptism in the wood spirit spring, Mu Gaoqi didn’t fear ordinary poisons. Unfortunately, the poisons of the Walkabout Sect were anything but ordinary, quite devious even. Although the poison took effect at a much slower rate than normal due to Mu Gaoqi’s uncommon foundations, once he fully activated his origin power, it would still reach all corners of his body.

His feet lost their strength, his every step heavier than the one before. When he finally couldn’t support his body any longer, he sat down heavily on the ground. “To think that I, Mu Gaoqi, would fall here!” Tragic feelings assailed his heart. He really didn’t want to accept this. He had an innate wood constitution, and was going to fall to his end in this ancient herb garden before he’d had time to show the world his splendor!

Two figures dashed through the shrubbery behind...

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