Chapter 576: Jiang Chen’s Rich!

Chapter 576: Jiang Chen’s Rich!

Wang Han didn’t dare take a second to hesitate. He frantically leaped into the air, blurring into a streak of light as he sped for the thick woods on the left. A quick look back confirmed his fears as two enormous wyverns were diving at him. These wyverns were interestingly designed, as their wingspans were abnormally large. A full nine meters wide, the fleshy wings on their back seemed like they could cover the skies.

Wang Han had just evaded the first blow, but the two wyverns hadn’t planned on stopping at all. A quick flap of their enormous wings, and they were speeding in Wang Han’s direction. Their maws gaped wide as bolts of terrifying purple electricity arced towards Wang Han.

Wang Han was scared out of his wits. These two were thunder wyverns! Judging from their demeanor, they were at least as strong as a human sage realm cultivator. How would Wang Han be able to evade their attacks all by himself? His thoughts spun furiously and came to only one conclusion, flee!

The several thousand blades of Sage Fledgling Grass were indeed highly tempting, and could even change the Sacred...

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