Chapter 575: The Sage Fledgling Grass

Chapter 575: The Sage Fledgling Grass

Those from the Walkabout Sect didn’t want to be left behind either. They also dashed in under Elder Wu Hen’s guidance, followed closely by the Regal Pill Palace and Dark North Sect. The Tristar Sect was hot on their heels, and the three young geniuses from the Sacred Sword Palace naturally brought up the rear.

Wang Han was livid as he watched the Walkabout Sect charge in first. He cursed inwardly, “Wu Hen that old bastard talks a good talk about taking care of us, but he runs faster than a rabbit! Even mountains will fall if you rely on them, and so will water flow away if you try to rely on it. Relying on yourself is the way!”

He spoke to his two junior brothers, “Junior brother Jin, junior brother Du, keep a low profile after you go in. Be on your guard against the Regal Pill Palace.”

Wang Hang was well aware that the Regal Pill Palace and Sacred Sword Palace were absolutely irreconcilable. The Regal Pill Palace would have the best opportunity to start trouble after entering the herb garden.

Du Lihuang nodded. “The Regal Pill Palace shouldn’t be so bold as to start something if we don’t leave Elder Wu Hen’s line of sight.”

With how things...

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