Chapter 574: The Rippling Mirage Formation

Chapter 574: The Rippling Mirage Formation

Each of the remaining five sects had assigned an elder to stay behind after a little conversation amongst themselves.

All eyes turned to affix the Sacred Sword Palace. Evidently, if the sect tried to blather or argue again, they would attract harsh criticism and combined suppression from the other five sects.

Elder Chen’s face looked hard and bitter. “We’re all from the Myriad Domain. We should be crossing the river in the same boat in this situation. Are you all trying to band together to shunt the Sacred Sword Palace aside?”

Everyone remained silent. At this time, silence was golden.

Elder Xiang Gan waved his hands dismissively and said impatiently, “Ol’ Chen, you’re just wasting everybody’s time now. Right now, everyone is trying to persuade you with fair and kind words; you don’t want to incite mass outrage, do you?”

“That’s right! Are you staying or not? We just need a single word of agreement from your Sacred Sword Palace. Stop wasting our time.”

“Elder Chen, either you stay behind or all of your Sacred Sword Palace remains here.”

“Elder Chen, you could stay here with the younger generation of Sacred Sword Palace if you’re...

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