Chapter 573: The Sacred Sword Palace Elicits Public Anger

Chapter 573: The Sacred Sword Palace Elicits Public Anger

Elder Xiang Gan paused briefly as he digested the words, and then slapped his thigh. “Ole brother Yun Nie is a thoughtful one after all! We almost let such a loophole slip past us! Everyone, count up your people and report anyone from your sect who has yet to arrive! This is no small matter, so no mistakes will be tolerated!” Elder Xiang Gan was a highly principled person and immediately issued orders after receiving this reminder.

Jiang Chen relaxed slightly when he saw that Elder Xiang Gan was emphasizing an ironclad oath. He’d done all he’d could at this point, and had given all the reminders he could. That the Tristar Sect was colluding with an enormous entity like the Ninesuns Sky Sect was something that he couldn’t change on his own. Jiang Chen could only take things one step at a time. So, he would just keep a careful eye on the situation, and expose the Tristar Sect at a suitable moment.

He discreetly kept an eye on their reactions, and noted that the two Tristar Sect elders did indeed have a barely perceptible shadow flash past their brows after Elder Yun Nie’s speech. Zhu Feiyang...

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