Chapter 572: The Ulterior Motives of the Tristar Sect

Chapter 572: The Ulterior Motives of the Tristar Sect

“Everyone, most of us have arrived by now. In that case, I have a few suggestions to offer, if you’re willing to hear them out.” An elder from the Great Cathedral spread his hands to calm the crowd as he addressed them.

No one spoke as they all turned to look at him. The speaker  was Xiang Gan, the foremost elder of the Great Cathedral. Although he wasn’t as old as Xiang Wentian of the Sacred Elephant family, he was still around nine hundred years old and a pillar of his sect. This kind of old monster boasted an unparalleled strength and was absolutely a top tier existence in this crowd. Therefore, none of the others objected to him speaking up.

“The first, and the most important issue, lies with the matter of confidentiality. I trust that none of you need me to go over the Myriad Domain’s history. This ancient herb garden has once brought glory to the region, and the care with which it was kept secret is the reason why the Myriad Domain has yet to be conquered by others. This matter of confidentiality isn’t just one of the herb garden, but...

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