Chapter 571: Once in Three Thousand Years

Chapter 571: Once in Three Thousand Years

Wang Han and Du Luhuang also immediately transformed into two rays of light and sped in the direction Yue Baize had left in.

The place remained silent for a moment, and a figure emerged from the ground. Surprisingly, it was Jiang Chen. He’d sensed Du Lihuang’s chase and remained hidden, drawing closer only when he sensed Du Lihuang and Yue Baize exchanging blows. When he saw that Du Lihuang had unintentionally gotten himself into quite a bit of trouble, and saw Wang Han facing off against Yue Baize, Jiang Chen had thought that he was in for a good show between the geniuses. Who knew that the two parties would immediately set aside their grievances and instantly leave after receiving some messages?

“The appearance of a hundred lakes and ripples of mirages? Ancient ruins, hidden herb garden, what’s all this?” Jiang Chen suddenly received two message glyphs in quick succession as he stood there, puzzled. One was from Elder Yun Nie, and the other from Ling Bi’er. They both mentioned the same thing; the emergence of a hundred lakes and ripples of mirages…

Elder Yun Nie’s glyph also mentioned that Mu Gaoqi had...

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