Chapter 570: The Appearance of the Ancient Herb Garden

Chapter 570: The Appearance of the Ancient Herb Garden

This unknown figure had shot out of the ground and sent Du Lihuang flying with a single punch, but his anger still wasn’t satiated. He was angrily stalking towards the prone Du Lihuang, intent on ending him right there when someone called out in the distance, “Brother Yue! Hold! Stay your hand!”

The person who’d punched Du Lihuang’s lights out looked about 23 years old, but a mane of brown hair around his shoulders currently gave him the appearance of a furious lion. He was the genius heir to the Sacred Lion family of the Great Cathedral—Yue Baize. His strength was on par with Xiang Qin of the Sacred Elephant family, nearing second level sage realm. How was his punch something that Du Lihuang of the ninth level origin realm would be able to take? Although Du Lihuang had been able to bully Ku Zhu, he wouldn’t last a single exchange with Yue Baize.

Yue Baize was in a towering fury, but halted from his mission to kill Du Lihuang as he turned to look sharply in the direction of the shout. Speeding towards the two was the white-robed first disciple of the Sacred Sword Palace, Wang Han, another first level sage realm genius.

Wang Han closed the distance rapidly until he arrived in front of Du Lihuang. He quickly fed him a pill,...

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