Chapter 569: Unexpected Discovery

Chapter 569: Unexpected Discovery

Although they would offer high rewards, they wouldn’t be proceeding in a haphazard manner.

Elder Wu Hen spoke, “The crux lies with the Sacred Sword Palace and the Tristar Sect. The Great Cathedral has just received the Longevity Pill and won’t help us against the Regal Pill Palace. The Dark North Sect wears the same set of pants as the Regal Pill Palace, and will certainly inform the Regal Pill Palace as soon as they hear this news.”

Elder Wu Qi nodded. “That makes sense. The second batch of people is about to enter soon, and there are many Sacred Sword Palace disciples and elders within them. I remember that Wang Han has a strong hatred of Jiang Chen. If we offer a high reward, I’m sure he’ll be willing to help.”

Wei Qing also drew close at this point to interject, “Wang Han is a narrow-minded person. Harvesting spirit herbs is of secondary importance for the Sacred Sword Palace this time, and making trouble for the Regal Pill Palace is their primary goal. I’m sure that even if we don’t give him any reward, Wang Han would be willing to give us clues once he learns that we’re hunting Jiang Chen down.”

Wei Qing quite understood Wang Han’s perspective on this, as the two of them were actually very similar in this regard....

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