Chapter 568: A Dejected Elder Wu Hen

Chapter 568: A Dejected Elder Wu Hen

When he saw Jiang Chen vanish from his field of vision, a dense killing intent was birthed in Elder Wu Hen’s heart. It was the first time he’d gotten the feeling of going all out against someone and still finding it a difficult battle—and this was against a mere fifth level origin realm! If it’d been any other occasion, a fifth level origin realm was but an ant in Elder Wu Hen’s eyes. He could destroy the other with a mere flip of his hand. Why would he have to go to such lengths?

All his precautions and schemes today had failed, and he’d had to resort to swearing an oath which allowed Jiang Chen to leave in style. Although he was confident that he wouldn’t have a problem tracking down Jiang Chen, allowing him to leave with such flair was no small humiliation.

As for Wei Qing, he still had two holes drilled through his thighs. He took advantage of his newfound freedom to swallow several pills and apply some external medicine to his wounds. Although the medicines weren’t of the level of crafting new flesh over bone or reviving the dead, their effects were still praiseworthy. Wei Qing’s wounds quickly recovered to the point where they didn’t affect his movements....

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