Chapter 567: Plotting and Scheming

Chapter 567: Plotting and Scheming

Elder Wu Hen was a circumspect and farseeing person. He had indeed played a small trick when he’d sworn that oath, leaving himself many loopholes to take advantage of. However, he hadn’t imagined that his carefully constructed plot would be exposed with a single word by Jiang Chen. This was a huge surprise to Wu Hen, and left him speechless.

He was finally realizing in this moment that he couldn’t view Jiang Chen as an ordinary genius disciple. Although this Jiang Chen was only fifth level origin realm, he was absolutely a formidable foe. If it wasn’t for Wu Hen being present, Wei Qing’s chances of making it out alive would’ve been very low if he’d run into Jiang Chen by himself. There was nothing more convincing than the truth at hand.

“Jiang Chen, I admit that I underestimated you. Killing someone is just the simple act of making their head touch the ground. Tell me, what will it take for you to let go of Wei Qing?” Elder Wu Hen shifted moods very quickly. Not only did he not enraged by Jiang Chen revealing his plan, but he immediately set aside considerations of face and negotiated directly with Jiang Chen, putting...

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