Chapter 566: Killing and Counter Killing

Chapter 566: Killing and Counter Killing

If it’d just been Wei Qing, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have hesitated in immediately summoning Long Xiaoxuan to make quick and decisive work of him. But the elder in the shadows made the duo difficult to deal with. He knew there was a decent chance of destroying the two with Long Xiaoxuan, but it wasn’t an absolute guarantee. The Walkabout Sect was well known for being adept at using poison, and Long Xiaoxuan had come off worse in the exchange when he’d battled Wei Wudao back at the spirit spring. Elder Wu Hen was stronger than Wei Wudao, and if he managed to make any preparations to catch Long Xiaoxuan off guard, the situation would rapidly turn dangerous.

Jiang Chen wasn’t brainless; The fact that Elder Wu Hen was still hiding his presence was a dead giveaway that he was setting up a devious trap. If Jiang Chen couldn’t get away immediately, they would spring the trap and he would really be in trouble.

“Trying to leave, huh?” We Qing flashed a hint of a sinister smile when he saw Jiang Chen want to leave. He immediately charged at Jiang Chen without hesitation. “Kid, how far do you...

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