Chapter 565: Intent After Glimpsing Wealth

Chapter 565: Intent After Glimpsing Wealth

Killing intent instantly appeared on Wei Qing’s face as he looked into the distance. “Elder Wu Hen, the person who snatched the sky rank spirit herb should’ve gone in this direction. Why don’t we catch up to him…”

He didn’t finish his words, but both of them knew what he wanted to say. Elder Wu Hen had a steady personality and knew that it was an extreme taboo to kill within Mt. Rippling Mirage. If news leaked, it would create friction between the great sects and even spark all out battles. But the lure of a sky rank herb was greatly tempting.

“Elder, if we pass this one up, there won’t be any more chances. If he manages to get a fair distance away, it’s likely he won’t even admit to it if we find him.” Wei Qing encouraged, “With one sky rank herb, our Walkabout Sect might be able to cultivate emperor realm cultivators. By then, our sect will be able to summon the wind and rain in the entire Myriad Domain, and reign over everything!”

The various great sects had vied with each other ever since the Myriad Empire had fallen. There wasn’t a single one who didn’t harbor the desire to dominate the...

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