Chapter 564: The Hidden Chameleon Cloudpine

Chapter 564: The Hidden Chameleon Cloudpine

Jiang Chen no longer stood on ceremony and summoned a group of Goldbiter Rats, marking the beginning of his voracious looting. However, he personally harvested the true saint spirit herbs. Harvesting spirit herbs of this level required a bit of technique. The Goldbiter Rats could be used for transportation, but Jiang Chen decided to do things himself when it came to higher level spirit herbs. He’d feel quite heartbroken if even a single one was damaged.

He finished collecting the roughly dozen true saint herbs around the lake very quickly, then glanced at the waters again. “What a pity I have the wood spirit spring already. Otherwise, taking this lake away with me would be a good idea as well.”

Although this lake wasn’t a spirit spring, it was clearly awash with spirit power since it nurtured so many spirit herbs. If he could take it with him, it would be a good tool to use to cultivate spirit herbs. However, the wood spring was superior to this lake, so it didn’t hold any allure for him.

After the Goldbiter Rats cleared a rough circle around the area, there weren’t many good pickings left by the lake. Jiang Chen raised his foot, about to leave, when his gaze suddenly...

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