Chapter 563: Destroying Ding Tong

Chapter 563: Destroying Ding Tong

As an earth sage realm genius, Ding Tong was a true disciple even in the Ninesuns Sky Sect. Although his strength was too lacking to rank him among the ten great true disciples, he was still strong enough to rank within the young sect geniuses’ top three hundred. He had participated and survived many of the Upper Eight Realms’ trials by fire, walking the line between life and death multiple times. However, all of those experiences paled before the sense of fear that flooded his body at this moment. The Regal Pill Palace genius who had seemed to be prey, had in fact been looking at him as prey all along.

He’d acted so nervous and frightened earlier plainly because he wanted to toy with Ding Tong and solicit intelligence.

Ding Tong suddenly realized that despite him treating Jiang Chen as a fool, the tragic truth was that he was the real fool.

Wham, wham, wham!

No matter how Ding Tong charged it, he was unable to break through the black cage that trapped him. He was on the verge of panic as he roared loudly, “Jiang Chen, just what trick are you using? What the hell is this? Don’t tell me that this is a formation!”

A faint smile crossed Jiang Chen’s face as he casually responded, “Ding Tong, aren’t you a genius of the Ninesuns...

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