Chapter 562: Who’s the Prey Now?

Chapter 562: Who’s the Prey Now?

“Jiang Chen, on behalf of the pill recipe, I can make an exception and answer any of your final questions. You can die a knowledgeable ghost.” Ding Tong had no other impression of Jiang Chen other than prey already in his grasp.

“Did you purposefully come down from the Ninesuns Sky Sect to the Myriad Domain to kill me?” Jiang Chen suddenly asked.

“You think far too highly of yourself. Coming here just to kill you? Do you think you command that much face? You hop up and down in the Myriad Domain, but you’re just a small cockroach in the eyes of the geniuses of my sect. I, Ding Tong, was originally here to help the Tristar Sect put their plans into motions. You’re just something I’m taking care of on the side.”

The geniuses of the Sky Sect were all quite confident and sure of themselves. With Ding Tong’s background of the Sky Sect, he didn’t even think much of Tristar Sect Head Zhu, much less than Jiang Chen. Although the sect head’s cultivation level was just a bit superior to Ding Tong’s, Ding Tong was less than one tenth the sect head’s age. With the latter’s potential and cultivation, he naturally wouldn’t think much of a sect head from a mere Lower Realm region.

As for Jiang Chen, although his pill dao potential was stunning, Ding Tong was using...

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