Chapter 561: Ding Tong’s Background

Chapter 561: Ding Tong’s Background

As the irritating feeling showed no signs of abating, Jiang Chen decided to find a desolate area to stop. He released a batch of Goldbiter Rats and instructed them to set up a perimeter guard in a fifty kilometer radius around him. He himself headed into a deep valley and sat down cross-legged. 

His thoughts were in a bit of a mess at the moment, and he had to sit down and meditate to sort them out. He had to at least sort out where this annoying feeling was originating from. If he didn’t get to the bottom of this, it would unceasingly dog his thoughts and leave him unable to concentrate on his matters. He didn’t want something as wonderful as going on a harvesting rampage through Mt. Rippling Mirage to be marred by some unpleasantry.

“My intuition has yet to prove me wrong since training the Boulder’s Heart and Psychic’s Head. This kind of hunch is absolutely not a delusion. Since it doesn’t seem to be springing from the dangers of the mountain’s interior, there must be an external source. Just who could it come from?”

Jiang Chen’s thoughts were still relatively ordered, so he went over everyone who’d been in the batch to enter the mountain. “There should be three in the genius group...

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