Chapter 560: Mt. Rippling Mirage

Chapter 560: Mt. Rippling Mirage

The first batch of twenty to enter Mt. Rippling Mirage had already congregated outside the mountain. The heavyweights of the six great sects were in charge of controlling the formation around the mountain. As they activated the formation, a rainbow-like bridge shimmered into existence in front of everyone.

“This is the transportation gate of Mt. Rippling Mirage. All of you have in your hands a jade token that was specifically refined to correspond to this formation. Remember, when the twenty days are up, the formation will automatically transport you out. The token will help you locate the nearest transportation matrix, in case you run into any danger. If you crush it in the vicinity of a matrix, you will be automatically transported out. There are multiple matrixes within the mountain, and any of them will be able to teleport you out.”

The jade tokens in everyone’s hands were actually to save their lives. Spirit herbs weren’t the only things that grew on the mountain, all sorts of danger lay hidden on its slopes.. If anyone met with danger they couldn’t handle, it’d be best to leave voluntarily. Of course, although there were many transportation matrixes...

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